Ecorse Historical Society:  Affiliated Societies

Is your group or organization interested in preserving and promoting the history of Ecorse? If so, why not become an affiliate of the Ecorse Historical Society (EHS). If so please contact the EHS office at (313) 386-2520 Ext.4 or email us at or clicking on the "Contact Us" tab for information on becoming an affiliate.

If you are interested in forming a local historical group in your area, but don't know how, check out our "How To Section" for some useful tips and suggestions.

What is an Affiliated Society?

Any local, regional, or international group which endorses the objectives of the Ecorse Historical Society is invited to become an Affiliated Society with a view toward facilitating intercommunication and mutual enrichment.  The objectives of the Ecorse Historical Society are:

  1. to foster the preservation of property relevant to an appreciation of the history of Ecorse.

  2. to encourage research and publications relating to the history of Ecorse.

  3. to promote and encourage public interest n Ecorse and Michigan history.

Each group applying for affiliation shall provide a statement of its objectives and/or activities relative to those of the Ecorse Historical Society.  

What are the benefits of affiliation?

An Affiliated Society becomes an Institutional Member of the Ecorse Historical Society, with all attendant rights and privileges:

  • Its President or designated representative is a member of the EHS Board, which allows it to make recommendations respecting matters within its jurisdiction and to offer guidance in the overall direction of the Ecorse Historical Society.

  • It receives a subscription to the EHS newsletter Roots & Branches which may be issued to members from time to time.

  • It is given a link to the MHS website, dedicated to its activities and information or, if preferred, a separate website to the Affiliated Society.

It has the right to include, twice per calendar year, an insert in the EHS newsletter about the Affiliated Society or in some way be of general interest to the EHS members.


Please note than an affiliation does not automatically confer EHS membership to its individual members or participants.

What are the obligations of affiliation?

Affiliated Societies shall provide the name and address of a contact person or representative, and pay an annual institutional fee set by the EHS Board. A representative of the Affiliated

Society may, from time to time, be requested by the EHS Board to act on behalf of the EHS at public functions held within its jurisdiction.